Best and Worst Moments Of 2014

2014 was a good year for me. Alot of excitement, some nerve wracking moments and an occassional disappointing moment. Overall though, I must say it was an enjoyable year. One of my worst moments was blowing two expensive speakers at the same time during a hot event. Lol I don't think the crowd noticed at all, but I was unnerved for the rest of the night. I was back up and running the following week. One of my best moments was when my studio was completed and up and running after investing tons of money. It was so exciting to see the finshed product and get in there and work. I would like to hear about your best and worst moments of 2014. Post some comments and tell us about it.


I would say my best moment of the year was when I married my long time love of my life. We had fun throughout the year. The worst moment was when the party stopped and I had to get back to reality. On a side note: I hope it wasn't my party.

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